SureScripts Certified

All Acme Fresh Markets Pharmacies are

SureScripts Certified

What does it mean to be a SureScripts Certified Pharmacy?

SureScripts Certified PharmacyNow our physician colleagues can receive requests for prescription refills directly on their computer, not their fax machines or phone. The time spent fielding calls and managing faxes can become a thing of the past. New prescriptions can now be sent to our pharmacies safely and accurately to us through a secure network.

Its all possible through our connection to the SureScripts electronic prescribing network – a behind-the-scenes network that makes this simple and secure exchange of information possible between computers at our pharmacies and computers at physician practices.

What does this mean? It means more time for our physician clients to counsel their patients, and less time for our patients to spend waiting for their prescriptions. Everybody wins with electronic prescribing!

medsACME Fresh Markets’ connection to the SureScripts network comes as the result of a significant certification process to ensure that our systems meet the standards to connect. As a result, we are pleased to say that ACME Fresh Markets is now a SureScripts Certified Pharmacy.

More information about SureScripts, and how physician practices can connect to their network, can be found on their Web site – or by calling 1-866-RxReady (866-797-3239)