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Pharmacist | Summit County | Akron, Ohio | West Market StreetAre you looking for a store where you can have your prescriptions filled and get your grocery shopping done at the same time? If so, look no further for a professional pharmacist than Acme Pharmacy in Akron, Ohio on West Market Street. Here you will find the pharmacy and grocery store. This isn’t a pharmacy within a grocery store that isn’t really a full pharmacy. This is a full pharmacy that offers many services to its valued customers. The grocery market is attached, so you can do your shopping while you wait for your prescriptions to be filled.

See a Doctor When You Need To

It isn’t always easy to get an appointment with your doctor. Even when you can get an appointment, it is booked at the same time as 15-20 other patients, so you end up sitting in the office all day waiting and getting nothing else done. When you need to see a doctor in a hurry, you can come to Acme Pharmacy in Summit County and visit the Express Clinic. You don’t need an appointment, and the best part is if you need a prescription you don’t have to go to any other location to have it filled. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that.

Many More Services Offered

In addition to the Express Clinic, there are many other services offered at this Akron, Ohio pharmacy. These services include:

  • Free Blood Pressure Screening
  • Many Generic Replacement for Brand Name Prescription Drugs
  • Senior Citizens’ Discounts
  • Free, Safe Parking
  • Online Prescription Refills
  • Much More

Looking for Pharmacies in Akron, Ohio – Choose Acme

When you need to see a doctor and have prescriptions filled by a fully trained pharmacist, you can do it all in one convenient location at Acme Pharmacy in Summit County. You can also get all of the other health care and beauty items you need, then shop for groceries without ever having to leave the building.

Get Directions to our Akron, Ohio Pharmacy Location:


Visit our Pharmacy at:

1835 W. Market St.,
Akron, OH

Call: 330-867-3563

Pharmacy Hours:

Mon. – Fri. 9am – 9pm
Saturdays 9am – 6pm
Sundays 12pm – 5pm

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