“FrankenPumpkin” comes alive at Acme Fresh Market in Stow

Stow resident John Dreslinski taken a page out of Dr. Frankenstein’s book.

After two days and a lot of effort, Dreslinski has created “FrankenPumpkin” a 7-foot-tall, nearly 300 pound carving featured at the Acme Fresh Market on Kent Road in Stow.

Take a look at his story.

“This is only my second year at pumpkin carving. I learned I had a talent of carving pumpkins last year when I carved up at the IX centers “Trick or Treat Street” event with Chef Alford (he’s former U. of Akron’s culinary teacher). So this year I wanted raise the bar in creativity and do something that has never been done before. The idea came to me one day when I saw a blown up Frankenstein in someone’s front yard. I thought it would be pretty cool to see a life size Frankenstein made entirely out of pumpkins. So I needed someone to sponsor some of the pumpkins other wise it would get pretty expensive. I emailed Acme Fresh Markets as a sponsor. They were all on board and loved the idea. I did several cartoon pumpkin carvings for the Acme in Stow for their annual kids decorate pumpkins event and also to promote my pumpkin sculpture event. Acme Store manager Dan and promotion marketing Rachelle helped out a lot with the planning and promoting of this pumpkin sculpture event.

The pumpkin sculpture took 2 days to complete (10-19 to 10-20). The whole structure was held together with a skeleton frame of 2″ pvc piping and pvc glue. The first day was just to assembling the 2″ pvc piping into the pumpkin itself. Day 2: Caleb Landis who is currently in the culinary arts at the Univerisity of Akron help me start piecing this mammoth structure together. The face of the structure I did the night before to save on time but the rest of the carving Caleb helped me out with. Unfortunately we ran out of time. Otherwise we would of made it very detailed. Oh well I’m just happy the sculpture worked and all the customers were in awee. I heard a lot of “wow and is that real”. It made me laugh because no one ever seen a pumpkin carving this big before. To say the least I did this sculpture for many reasons, but the main reason was to inspire kids and adults to think outside the pumpkin!

All in all it took about 14 hours to create. It’s weight is about 290lbs, and it stands at a whopping 7’10”.

Lastly, I want to thank Acme Fresh market for help sponsoring me with some pumpkins.”

Source: stow.ohio.com