Transfer Your Prescription to Acme Pharmacy

Earn Acme Pharmacy Rewards – $10 for every 10 prescriptions! It’s easy and we can accept your insurance plan. Acme Pharmacy has great pharmacists, pharmacy specialists and the convenience of having your prescriptions filled while you shop. We are your neighborhood pharmacy with friendly, caring, and accessible pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

We would like all Acme associates and Acme customers not using our pharmacy to use Acme Pharmacy.  A recent survey revealed that of the customers using our pharmacy 75% highly rated the staff as helpful and caring . . . 97% would recommend Acme Pharmacy to friends and family.

There are a lot of great reasons for using Acme Pharmacy. Please use Acme Pharmacy and spread the word to family and friends.

Designer Reusable Grocery Bags

Akron artist Don Drumm has designed a series of reusable grocery bags exclusive to Acme Fresh Market. A huge hit with customers, the first in the series sold out in about three hours. More are on the way along with a brightly colored holiday bag. Acme marked the release of the first bag with a $1,500 donation to the Akron Area Arts Alliance.

Stow Acme Fresh Market Remodel Completion

The final details are completed and a long journey has come to an end. What began on April 25th has culminated into a dazzling new store for the people of Stow. From a total new parking lot, through a sharp new lobby – one would venture into an amazing perishable department highlighted by new produce, deli, bakery, and meat cases set off by a new porcelain floor. A complete reset of the grocery department is framed by a frozen food department second to none. New colors that even Crayola hasn’t thought of rim the store and gives us an exciting and comfortable feeling to enhance the shopping experience.

Stop by and see us at your convenience. See how Acme Fresh Market is keeping Acme ‘Number One’ in our market area.